How to identify when your water tank needs cleaning

How to identify when your water tank needs cleaning

Water is an essential element of our existence. To live we need water everyday. The water we consume must be clean and safe otherwise it can cause health issues. So, we need to be careful about drinking safe water. And to get safe water a clean water tank is needed. A water tank is a large container which holds water for our daily use. When we use a tank for a long time it gets dirty and also makes the water dirty and if we consume that water or it comes into the contact of our skin it can cause health risk. So, we have to clean our tanks regularly once or twice a year. But the question is how do you identify that your tank needs cleaning. So, let me help you with that. When your wank is dirty you can notice some signs in the water which will give you the hint that your tank needs a cleaning.

Let’s check those signs-

1.Visible debris:

If you find any dirt, sand or any other particle sitting at the bottom or sides of the tank or floating in the water it means that the water tank is dirty and it needs cleaning.

2.Unpleasant Odor:

When the tank is not clean you can get a pleasant smell from the water or from the tank. Maybe there is some bacterial growth inside the tank which is causing the smell. It is a strong sign that the tank might be dirty and needs immediate cleaning.

3. Discoloured water:

If the water seems cloudy, rusty, yellowish or has any unusual coloration it is an indication that there might be some contamination or any presence of algae inside that tank which is the reason for the discolouring of the water.

4. Off tasting:

Though water does not have any taste but sometimes you can have a feeling of off tasting. If the water tastes different then the usual or unpleasant, it may be a sign that the tank needs cleaning.

5. Slime or Biofilm:

The presence of Slimy coating on the wall and the bottom of a water tank indicates that there is a bacterial growth or any contamination is happening inside the water tank and it is high time the tank needs a proper cleaning.

6. Less water flow:

If you notice the water flow is less than usual, there might be a sediment buildup in the tank or inside the pipes which is reducing the water flow.

7. Visible Algae Growth:

If you can notice a brownish growth inside the surface of the water tank it means it is algae which is making the tank dirty.

8. Dampness:

If you find any sign of leakage or dampness around the area of your water tank it means there can be some structural damage and it needs to be fixed immediately. It may also be the indication of rust or corrosion. So,it needs a thorough inspection of the tank.

9. Regular maintenance:

Even if there is no sign of contamination, a regular cleaning is must to maintain hygiene safety and longevity of the water tank. A tank needs to be cleaned at least after every six months. It ensures safety. 

A water tank plays a crucial role in providing clean, safe and hygienic water for our everyday life. Ignoring the signs can lead to a bigger problem like health issues, plumbing issues. So, you have to be careful about cleaning the tank. It is not an easy task. It can be hard for you to do it by yourself. You can take help from a professional water tank cleaning service to make your life easy and healthy. But do not forget to clean the tank for your own health and safety.


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