The Role of Water Quality in Overall Home Hygiene- Why Clean Water Tanks Matter

The Role of Water Quality in Overall Home Hygiene- Why Clean Water Tanks Matter

How dirty water water tank affects Household Appliances and plumbing system?

With passing time,these minerals can pile up inside your appliances and plumbing fixtures,leading to the mineral deposits.These deposits can reduce water flow, clog pipes and impair the efficiency of appliances for example washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters. As you know, the easiest way to know in case you have hard water is that you notice the white scale build up on your fixtures, faucets and sinks.This white scale is not only boring but also it is harming the lifespan of those fixtures.The white scale make of calcium and magnesium, and while you tell your kids that calcium is good for their bones, it has other effect on the bones of your home. This also leads to the saying “it’s what you don’t know, that can touch you,” because in case you see that white scale comming out of the faucets,that means it’s also stuck throughout your whole house before you ever have the chance to see it!Hard water is always putting strain not only on the fixtures that you can see,but also your dish washer, hot water heater,your pipes and everythings else that uses water.

Dirty water water tank affects Household Appliances and plumbing system. There are eight of dirty water major effects is given below:

1.Clogged pipes and fittings

Just like plaque in your veins and arteries can damage your heart,scale in the damage your plumbing system. In case your water dosen’t foam easily,it carry injurious mineral deposits. PVC, Copper, PVC and steel pipes can reach the finish of their lifespan immediately  if you don’t detect the problem very soon.

Our floor-mounted home water softener gets rid of sodium,calcium and magnesium to guarantee clean and safe drinking water for your family.We consult installing a whole-house water softener system in your main supply to remove these minerals from your water.

2. Filthy shower heads

Impure water contains a lot of hard metals,bacteria and scum that you don’t want to touch your hair.As the calcium and chlorine in the shower can harm your scalp,you need to take the initiative to get rid these elements. As we care about your safety,we take steps a range of modern shower heads that come with dependable filtration system. By removing chlorine,odours and metals,our showerheads are efficient as they can help you save water.

3.Discolored sinks

Scale build up causes these items to bind on the walls of drain pipes.Your kitchen sink is designed to get rid of grease,food and other unwanted items in your kitchen.If your sink has a garbage disposal unit,you need to keep it clean at all times. In another way, you will be repulsed by the odours and slimy dirt that won’t go down the drain.

4.clogged faucets

Unfortunately, your nice brass or stainless steel faucets are vulnerable to the mineral deposits from hard water.since the water circulate, it leaves a trail of chlorine and magnesium deposits in it’s wake.As they unsightly deposits worsen over time,they become impossible to clean off.Unfortunately, you’ll have to replace your costly faucets prematurely. We install a space -efficient filter that eliminates lead chlorine, asbestos,Benzene and any other effective particulate.

5. Dirty washing machines

Since hard water damage can take several yeara off the life of your washing machine,you need to take the necessary steps to safeguard it.Meneral deposits that clog the washing machine can write it off as it contains delicate rubber seals,drums and hoses.

The best way to protect your washing machine is to trap the sediments at the point of entry.We install a mainline filter that contains a cartridge to protect your washing machine from limestone and chlorine deposits.A standard filter can lasr for 9-12 months depending on the severity of the problem.

6.Chalky dishwashers

A dirty dishwasher can’t keep your dishes clean. On the other hand,the chalky residue that clogs up your diswasher can damage the components. Our dishwasher water filter combats all resiues and buildup on the glassware.

7.Unresponsive water heaters

When calcium and fluoride settle at the bottom of your water heater,the sediments absorb most of the heat,making the heater more costly to operate.Even if you have a tankless watee heater,the minerals that clog your pipes can restrict the amount of water that goes to the appliance. For all tankless heater, we install a filtration system with an array of cartridges for maximum absorptiin.

For all tankless heaters, we install a filtration system with an array of cartridges for maximum absorption.

8.Unsightly bathtub

Considering that water circulates in your bathtub,the presence of mineral deposits

can cause discoloration that affect the aesthetic value.While cleaning the bathtub every time you use it can help,you’ll notice that the chalky stains won’t budge.Since you don’t want to bathe with the scum that floats on your bathwater,you need to take the necessary precautions.Our bathtub water purifier utilises innovate filtration technologies that get rid of the elements that harden your water.

Our whole-house water softener system utilises the latest technology to remove metals,salts and minerals from your water before it runs in your taps. This makes it good for drinking and cleaning.Our system is also engineered to protect your pipes,drainage lines and appliance from corrosion and damage.Contact gallagher’s plumbing,heating and air conditioning today to get quick assistance for water filtration and keep your family safe.


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