Water Tank Maintenance Tips- How to Keep Your Tank Clean Between Professional Services

Water Tank Maintenance Tips- How to Keep Your Tank Clean Between Professional Services

Safe water means safe life. As water is an essential element of our existence. To live we need water everyday. The water we consume must be clean and safe otherwise it can cause health issues. So, we need to be careful about drinking safe water. And to get safe water a clean water tank is needed. A water tank is a large container which holds water for our daily use. When we use a tank for a long time it gets dirty and also makes the water dirty and if we consume that water or it comes into the contact of our skin it can cause health risk. Maintaining your water tank between professional services is important for ensuring clean water and extending the life of the tank. Here are some practical tips to help you keep your water tank clean:

1. Regular Inspections-

Frequency: Check your tank at least once a month.

What to Look For: Look for any signs of rust, leaks, or cracks. Also, check for sediment build-up, visible debris floating in the water.

2. Clean the Tank Lid and Surrounding Area-

Keep the Lid Closed: Keeping the lid colse is a must do to ensure the water quality. It needs to be always closed to prevent debris, insects, and animals from entering.

Clean the Lid:  Before closing the lid make sure that the lid is properly cleaned and there is no dirt. For that, wipe down the lid and the surrounding area regularly to prevent dirt from falling into the tank when opened.

3. Flush the Tank

Frequency: Drain all the water of the tank and flush every 3-6 months.

Procedure: Drain a portion of the water from the tank to remove sediments. Refill with clean water.

4. Use a Water Treatment Solution

Disinfectants:.Use proper water treatment solutions such as chlorine or bleach to kill bacteria and algae. And after this rinse the tank thoroughly to remove all the residues.

Frequency: This task can be done monthly or when it is needed depending on the water quality and usage.

5. Install a Tank Screen or Cover

Reason: Use a screen or cover to prevent any debris, insects, leaves, and pests that can pollute the water from entering the tank.

Maintenance: To maintain the effectiveness of the cover, clean or replace the screen regularly.

6. Monitor Water Quality

Check for Odor and Taste: If the water smells or tastes off, there is a high chance that the water is polluted.

Test Kits: For that you can use home water test kits periodically to check for contaminants like bacteria, pH levels, and chemical pollutants.

7. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Frequency: Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts leading to the tank regularly. It will help the tank to be clean.

Procedure: Remove leaves, dirt, and other debris to prevent them from washing into the tank. Otherwise they can decrease the water quality.

8. Control Vegetation Around the Tank

Purpose: You must keep the area around the tank clear of plants and trees to reduce the risk of roots damaging the tank and leaves falling inside the water tank.

Maintenance: You may trim your plants and clear any vegetation that may be growing too close to the tank and damage the body of your water tank.

9. Ensure Proper Ventilation

-Ventilation Caps: For proper ventilation install ventilation caps which allow the tank to breathe while keeping out insects and contaminants.

Check Vents: Make sure the vents are clean and free of blockages. Otherwise it can lead to contamination.

10. Professional Servicing

Schedule Regularly: These tips will help maintain your tank. But it’s important to have it cleaned and inspected annually by professionals. It will be beneficial for you.

Record Keeping: Keep records of professional services and also your maintenance activities to track the tank’s condition over time. A record helps you to remember things and make the work easy.

To have a healthy life, it is essential to use clean water. A clean water tank ensures safety and good quality of water. If you Follow these tips, it will help keep your water tank clean and ensure that the water you are using is safe and hygienic between professional services.


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