Common Myths About Water Tank Cleaning

Common Myths About Water Tank Cleaning

Cleaning water tanks is a part of healthy life. As it stores water for our use. Water is an un part of life. We need water each and every day. And if the water is not safe it can cause a lot of trouble for us. Water can be polluted from a dirty water tank. A water tank needs to be cleaned at least once in six months otherwise bacteria, algae or other debris can grow there which pollutes the water. It can lead to health issues if we consume the water or it comes into contact with our skin. Regular maintenance keeps the tank clean and gives us safe water. However, there are many  myths about water tank cleaning that can mislead people about the process. Here we will tell you about are some of the common myths about water tank cleaning, debunked:

  1. Myth:
    One of the very common myths about Water tank cleaning is that you only need to clean the tank if the water looks dirty. Wheats, in reality you need to clean the tank regularly even if the water looks clean. There can be bacteria, algae, fungi or sediment that can grow over time which makes water pollute and we can’t see them with naked eyes. So, if the water looks fine then you also need to wash the tank from time to time to maintain the water quality.
  1.  Myth: Sometimes you may hear that if you add bleach or other chemicals that is enough to clean the tank and it is not totally true. Chemicals can disinfect the water. But it does not remove any biofilm buildup or other debris. To remove those buildup you have to clean physically to ensure proper cleaning.
  1. Myth: Another wrong aspect about water tank cleaning is that water tanks don’t need cleaning if they are sealed and not exposed to external elements. But the truth is if the tank is sealed, even then bacteria, biofilms can develop inside the tank. We can’t stop this biological growth. So, be careful.
  1. Myth: Many people think that if you have a filtration system then tank cleaning isn’t necessary. Whether in reality it is not true. Filtration systems can reduce pollution but it can not prevent sediment and biofilm buildup inside the tank. That’s why you have to clean the tank if you have a filtration system.
  1. Myth: This one is another popular myth. That you can use any cleaning agent to clean a water tank. The answer is no. You can not use any cleaning agent. It can be harmful for you. You can only use food-grade cleaning property to clean and disinfect to clean the tank.
  1. Myth: Water tanks don’t need regular maintenance. Now this is negligence and laziness. There is no way you can take the risk of not cleaning the tank. It can cause health issues. Water tanks must be cleaned every six months. It maintains the water quality and saves the tank from damage and gives it a long lifespan.
  1. Myth: There is a myth that once cleaned, a water tank stays clean. No, it is not true. Water tanks can be recontamination over time. Because of some environmental factors, it will become dirty again. So, there is no chance, you can ignore regular cleaning and maintenance. It will maintain the water quality.
  1. Myth: Some people think that learning a water tank is a simple DIY task. Yes, you can do DIY cleaning but it is a hard task and proper cleaning requires professional equipment also. For that, experts who have proper knowledge and skills. They can clean all the parts of the tank with other specialized tools. Which you do not have at your home.
  1. Myth: Some think if the water tastes fine, the tank doesn’t need cleaning. But it is not necessary that contamination will always affect the taste. It is true that pollution can give an odd taste but that is not true for all time. There can be times when the water will taste fine but there will be contamination. So, to reduce health risk you have to clean the water if it is tasting fine.
  1. Myth: A big mistake people tend to make is not cleaning the Smaller tanks regularly. They think if the tank is smaller they don’t need cleaning as frequently as larger ones. But all sizes of tanks need regular cleaning. There will be buildup in small tanks. It doesn’t matter if the tank is small or big, to maintain water quality and longevity of the tank you must clean the tank on a regular basis.

Debunking these common myths can help you to ensure proper maintenance of water tanks. A clean water tank can give you safe water. So, debunking these myths will help to have a healthy and safe life for those depending on them. Be careful about your health and safety and clean your water tank from time to time. 


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