A comprehensive guide to water tank safety in dhaka

comprehensive guide to water tank safety

A water tank is a container which is used to store water in a house or office. They are so useful for many reasons. Such as- storing water for drinking, irrigation, agriculture, fire suppression, and industrial processes. It keeps the water safe and healthy. Water tanks come in different sizes and shapes and materials. It can be made out of plastic, fiberglass, steel, and concrete. It depends on the usage. It can be located above ground, underground, on the rooftops also. It generally depends on their use and availability of place.

A clean water tank is needed. We have to clean the tanks regularly. It assures the safety of the water and longevity of the tank at the same time. Not Not cleaning water tanks regularly can lead to several side effects which can be harmful for the consumers.

1. Contamination: Bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms can grow rapidly, and can lead to contaminated water that creates health risks.

2. Sediment Build-up: Dirt, rust, and other debris can build up on the tank’s wall and reduce water quality and potentially can clog pipes.

3. Unpleasant Odor and Taste: The build on the tank can cause bad odors and unpleasant taste to the water.

 4. Biofilm Formation: A layer of microbial growth forms on the wall of the tank if it is not cleaned regularly. It is not easy to remove them and can cause bad odors.

5. Corrosion: Chemicals can also build-up and fasten the corrosion of metal tanks which can cause structure damage and leaks.

6. Algae Growth: With the help of sunlight exposure and nutrient-rich water can cause algae growth, and it affects water quality and over the time can clog systems.

7. Insect and Animal Infestation: Dirty or unclear tanks can attract insects, rodents, and other animals and it makes the water unhealthy and unuseful.

So, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure safe, high-quality water storage definitely in a city like Dhaka where the environment is already so polluted. Otherwise it can cause serious health issues. And it is sometimes seen in the city. So, you must be aware of that.

Here are some guides for you to make your Water Tank Safety in Dhaka. It will help you in many ways such as- installation, maintenance, and safety practices.

Location: When you are installing your tank you must choose a secure location to prevent pollution and damage to the tank.

Materials: If you are going to use it for home you may use tanks which are made of food-grade materials like polyethylene. It is long lasting and safe for drinking water.

Cover and Lid: Make sure the lid of the tank is tight-fitting sl that no dust,  insects can go inside the tank and make the water polluted.

Overflow and Vent Pipes: You must use overflow and vent pipes to stop from pollution and proper air circulation. 

Filtration: Install a filtration system at the inlet to remove physical and microbial contaminants before the water enters the tank.

Cleaning Schedule: You must make sure that you clean the water tank at least once every six months to prevent any kind of buildup of algae, and biofilm.

Cleaning Procedure: First drain the tank completely. Then scrub the inside surfaces with a mixture of water and mild detergent or bleach solution. After that rinse thoroughly to remove any cleaning agents. Make sure there is no recedu inside. Then disinfect the tank with a chlorine solution, and rinse again before refilling the water.

Pest Control: Make sure that all the entry points like the lid, overflow, vent pipes are sealed properly to stop any kinds of insects from entering in the tank. It can pollute the water and increase health risk. And check for the signs of pests regularly and if there is any take action immediately without any delay. 

Monitoring: Keep a record of the cleansing schedules to maintain the cleanliness of the tank. It will help you to remember things easily. 

Here are some cleaning techniques:

1. Cleaning of  Surroundings: To keep a secure and good environment, remove any kind of mud, slimy moss, debris, buildup around the sewer vent sometimes. It will keep the tanks safe.

2. Dewatering: To clean the tank successfully and quickly drain the water and clean all the walls and edges of the tank. It will give you a good result. Use cutting-edge dewatering innovation.

3. Sludge removal: To get rid of rottenness and any kind of buildup from the sides of the tank you can use a slime expulsion pump. These pumps assure you a proper cleaning every time.

4.Scrubbing: For a deep clean, a manual scouring method always works. It makes the tank free from difficult stains and cleans the tank properly.

5. High-pressure water Jet Cleaning : A high-pressure water jet cleaning is so effective. As it is so powerful it helps to remove the microbes and germs from the tanks and gives a clean surface.

6. Vacuum Cleaning: You can vacuum the tank to make it free from any kind of build up or rottenness.

7. Antibacterial Spray: You can also use some antibacterial spray to make the tank free from harmful bacteria. To the naked eye the tank may look clean but still there can be some bacteria. So, you can use antibacterial spray but be careful while using it.

8. UV treatment: This is an amazing technique to clean your tanks. With the help of a UV radiator you can effectively clean the tank from bacteria or germs. It is a wonderful way to clean a water tank.

Conclusion: Proper installation, regular maintenance, using effective methods can help you to keep your water tank clean, safe and healthy. You need to be a bit careful and make reports to remember the track. As a conscious person of the society you should also educate others. So that, they can also be aware of their health and safety.


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