water tank cleaning service

Professional Water Tank Cleaning

Any of these services you need from the list? Service Dibo Can Assist!

  • Changing/transferring product
  • Inspecting the integrity of a water tank
  • Tank, Vessel, or other plant equipment repairs
  • Removing bulk solids and sludges from Tanks
  • Tank or vessel decommissioning and more…

Services We Provide

  • Water Tank Maintenance and Inspection
  • Water Tank Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Sanitation
  • Utility Manhole and Vault Cleaning
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning during Decommissioning and Industrial Renovations
  • Finished Product, Waste Water, Chemical, Silos, Reservoirs, Septic Tank

What’s excluded:

  • Repairing of tank
  • Plumbing work

Price Includes:

  • Service charge
  • Proper Chemicals
  • Machinery and Tools
  • Payment: After service completion, you have to pay through Check or Cash on Delivery.
  • Important Note: Water tank needs to be kept empty prior to the service delivery.

Pricing Terms:

  • The price mentioned is estimated and may depend on:
  • Depth of the tank
  • The total volume of the tank in cft.
  • The complexity of the work


It depends on the size and types of the tank

Yes. Water tank needs to be kept empty prior to the service delivery. 

There no need to pay any advance payment

This depends on the size of water tanks, work scope and complexity. Our service provider will try to complete cleaning your tank within 3-6 hours.

the price is not fixed it will be variable on the size and types of the tank

You can start using your tank right after we are done with cleaning.

Details of Water Tank Cleaning Services

Trying to find a water tank cleaning services near you? With professional service providers, Service Dibo will deliver services to make your water tank free from all kinds of waste and germs. Water is the most vital liquid to sustain in our lifestyle. We use water in every sphere of life like drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc. So, it’s vital to store this water in a clean and hygienic environment. Through our professional service providers, we provide full service and cleaning packages for all kinds of water tanks. Our trained water tank cleaners are highly trained to supply the simplest tank cleaning services.

We Follow 8 Step Process To Clean a Water Tank

Service Dibo’s expert team follows 8 step process to clean customer’s water tanks. Do you wanna know what is 8 step water tank cleaning process? Let’s have a look the points mentioned below.

  1. Removing Ammonia Gas from your water tank.
  2. Excess water from the tank is drained by submersible pump.
  3. The top of the tank lid is thoroughly cleaned by a high pressure water jade pump.
  4. We use mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water on each wall of the tank and wait for 15-20 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleaching agent and oxidizer as an antiseptic so that no odor comes from the water.
  5. The whole water tank is cleaned by high pressure water jade pump. Which is more effective than hand rubbing.
  6. Cleaning the dirty wastewater from the water tank sediment.
  7. We deep clean the whole water tank so that there is no chance of the presence of sands or germs or something like that.
  8. In the last step, we use Ultraviolet rays to kill viruses and bacteria.

Pre-Service instruction:

  • Customer needs to provide ladder if required ·         
  • In terms of pest control Customer must get out of home for at least 12 hour
  • Please keep your valuable things in a safe location
  • Customer must provide electricity if required