Water Purifier Repair Services

Best Water Purifier Repair Services in dhaka

Water Purifier Repair Services– Overview

Are you facing issues with your essential home appliance like a water purifier? Service Dibo offers the best Water Purifier Repair Services near you at a very competitive price.

At Service Dibo, we provide you the ultimate platform where you can hire the best water purifier repair servicing near you in less time. We’ve trusted professional technicians who strive hard to deliver you the best service. You’ll now easily order water purifier and filter services at the doorstep. This service offers water purifier installation, dismantling existing water purifier, kit replacement, and complete water purifier repairing. So, have a look at what features are included in this service.

Service Features
  • Installation of New Water Purifier 
  • Existing Water Purifier Dismantling
  • Water Purifier Kits Replacement
  • Water Purifier Servicing
What's Inside The Package:
  • Professional Technician
  • Doorstep service
  • Safety Assurance
  • Service Warranty
What's Outside The Package:
  • Any additional parts or materials prices (if used) are not included in this service package.
  • You have to pay transportation costs for carrying parts or materials (if applicable).
  • Warranty on consumable materials/parts.

Pureit RO Repair in Dhaka

Water is one of the essential necessities of human existence but a little level of the total populace has direct access to safe drinking water. This has prompted a demand for well-functioned water purifiers. Since taps water doesn’t simply hold back actual debasements like soil and different particles yet in addition pesticides, unsafe synthetic substances, weighty metals like lead, mercury, and so forth a straightforward water channel isn’t adequate.

You want a complex water filtration framework that dispenses with the different microorganisms and infections in your regular water and furthermore eliminates actual debasements to make your water total unadulterated and safe for drinking or utilization. Therefore, you just make sure that you hire professionals for regular maintenance of the RO machine. We repair all kinds of RO purifiers, generally, we receive more queries for Pureit RO Purifier.

Pureit RO Ultima 1
Pureit RO Ultima

How Often & When You Should Take RO Water Purifier Repair Service

  • Every 7-9 months to keep your RO water filter in its best performance.
  • If your water filter stop working.
  • For shifting your RO.
  • For home renovation.
  • If you hear any unexpected noise from your electric water filter.
  • If you getting bad smell or taste.
  • Slow working of distillers.

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Types of water purifier we repair:

We repair all kinds of water purifier, like –

  • Reverse Osmosis(RO)
  • Ultrafiltration(UF)
  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Sediment filter
  • Activated carbon

Brands of Water Purifier We repair:

We basically repair all kinds of brands water filter, such as –

  • Kent water filter
  • Walton water filter
  • Drinkit water purifier
  • Pureit RO
  • Eva pure water filter
  • RFL water filter
  • Vision water filter
  • Midea water purifier
  • LG water purifier
  • Samsung water purifier

Pricing Terms

  • You have to pay only the service charge (If no new parts are used)


After service completion you have to pay through our website or Cash On Delivery.

Terms Of Service

Warranty: ServiceDibo provides 10 days of service warranty. However, warranty on consumable materials/parts are as per manufacturer.

Safety Measures: Customers are going to be solely liable for their personal material and therefore the safety of household resources.

Discharging: After service completion, the client consequently releases Servicedibo.com from additional liabilities.

How To Maintain Your Water Purifier
  1. Changing RO filters on a regular basis 
  2. Cleaning and sanitisation
  3. Installing a softener for extra efficient functioning 
  4. Keeping the exteriors of the water purifier clean


If you don’t avail any services for your AC after our Service Provider send a technician at your doorstep then you only have to pay the visiting charge which is BDT 100.

If you don’t avail any services for your AC after our Service Provider send a technician at your doorstep then you only have to pay the visiting charge which is BDT 100.

Lack of connectivity can likewise be one reason for your RO water purifier to quit working. If you are ensured that you have no loose connection issue there, you should contact your AMC supplier or the official service center. There could be issues with the input power supply inside the machine.