Washing Machine Repair Services

Washing Machine Repair Services – Overview

Service Dibo offers the best washing machine repair service near you at a very competitive price. So, have a look at what features are included in this service.

Service Features
  • Doorstep Service
  • Proper Check up / Diagnosis
  • Expert Technician
What’s not Included
  • Any additional parts or materials prices (if used) are not included in this service package.
  • You have to pay transportation costs for carrying parts or materials (if applicable).
  • Warranty on consumable materials/parts.


After initial diagnosis by the technician, he will decide whether the servicing can be done at home or not based on the work scope. In case where the technician or mechanics needs to do the servicing outside home, travel allowance needs to be provided by the customers.

No. We do not manufacture washing machine parts by ourselves. So, the warranty differs as per manufacturer. However, we give you 10 days of free service warranty.

Usually the service is provided at home but if you want, the service can be done outside your home. But for that you need to pay travel allowance to the washing machine technician.


Find the most effective washing machine repair service only on Service Dibo. Washing machines lookout of your clothes, you ought to look out of it too,right? So, why wait and look for a technician here and there. you’ll be able to find expert washing machine technicians at Service Dibo.

Service Dibo offers you a platform to rent experts to repair your faulty washing machine fixed right away!

Terms Of Service

Warranty: ServiceDibo provides 10 days of service warranty. However, warranty on consumable materials/parts are as per manufacturer.

Costing: Service charge is fixed yet the cost will vary if any extra or supplanting materials/parts are introduced.

Safety Measures: Customers are going to be solely liable for their personal material and therefore the safety of household resources.

Discharging: After service completion, the client consequently releases Servicedibo.com from additional liabilities.

Why Choose Service Dibo?

Easy – Peasy: Ordering washing machine repair service from us is so easy and simple . you can hire expert washing machine technicians from us hassle-free. We will send an expert technician to the doorstep for you.


You can hire knowledgeable refrigerator repair service technicians within the same budget or less than any other local services near you. We will provide expert washing machine technicians to examine problems and fix them.

Well-trained Professionals:

We have attentive and highly skilled refrigerator repair specialists.Their experiences are completely checked in detail. 

Security Assurance: Our specialist co-ops offer a safe & secure refrigerator repair service for you. This implies they will deal with fixes with care.