Best TV Repair Home Services at cheap Price In Dhaka

Best TV Repair Services Near You

Are you in need of the best TV repair service near you? In many examples, a wrecked TV can be effectively and reasonably fixed so it is pretty much as great as the day you initially bought it.

Over the most recent couple of many years, TV has changed its structure, however, it is as yet the most loved wellspring of fun, amusement, and information in the family. In many spots, it ends up being a social gathering point for all the relatives. 

In the cutting-edge period of innovation, LCD, LED TV, most as of late, plasma TV has turned into a typical name in each family. It is beyond difficult to envision existence without a TV. With improved innovation comes upgraded care and obligation. In any case, we get that anyway you care for your TV; it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to go to certain issues at home. There are a few issues where you want proficient tv repair service at your doorstep. You really want proficient services; 

Service Dibo offers the Best LCD/LED TV installation service in Dhaka. With our highly professional expert technicians, you can easily rely on our TV repair service package. At, you’ll avail of quick and quality service at the doorstep easily.

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We are specialists in TV repair. We are likewise very client-driven in our way to deal with your TV repair. Call us first to be dealt with quickly! We comprehend that to be awesome, you need to enlist the best. Our professionals are put through lively testing, consistent maker preparing programs, and assessed for quality, proficiency, and graciousness. Our completely prepared TV Repair service box has huge multi-cabinet units that permit stockpiling of gear and many assistance manuals. 

We stock a huge number of unique hardware parts and use best-in-class gear and PCs to assist with investigating the unit. We comprehend that your time is important. Along these lines, we have furnished our armada with GPS units to make finding your home more straightforward and quicker. Service Dibo is devoted to surpassing your expectations. Contact us today to experience the best electronic repair service!

What to Expect ?

  • LCD/LED TV Repair Services
  • TV Wall Mount Installation

What’s not Included

  • Any additional parts or materials prices (if used) are not included in this service package.
  • You have to pay transportation costs for carrying parts or materials (if applicable).
  • Warranty on consumable materials/parts


No, you don’t have to pay any charge if you don’t take any service.

Our professional service providers have expert and skilled mechanics. If anything goes wrong after availing this service through A tri-party investigation will be launched (which will involve, service provider and the customer). After completion of a transparent investigation. Detection and rectification of the issue will be made. However, your complaint for any pre-damaged problems will not be considered.

No. We do not manufacture TV parts by ourselves. So, the warranty differs as per manufacturer. However, we give you 10 days of free service warranty.

Of course not! After service completion you will receive a text on your mobile from then you have to pay through Online or Cash on Delivery.

Certainly. You can buy necessary and required materials/parts by yourself. But any operational dysfunctionality won’t be held responsible by our service providers and itself.

Most of the time TV is taken away from home for servicing because of the complexity of the work scope and requires time for repairing.

TV Repair Service Features:

  • Professional Technician
  • Proper Diagnosis
  • Doorstep service
  • Service Warranty
  • No Extra Charge
  • Safety Assurance
  • Complete Repairing


  • You have to pay only the service charge (If no new parts are used)

After service completion you have to pay through our website or Cash On Delivery.

Terms Of Service

Warranty: ServiceDibo provides 10 days of service warranty. However, warranty on consumable materials/parts are as per manufacturer.

Costing: Service charge is fixed yet the cost will vary if any extra or supplanting materials/parts are introduced.

Diagnosis Charge: Diagnosis Charge of highest BDT 200 is relevant if the client chooses not to take the service after the specialist co-op has done a diagnosis of the issue.

Safety Measures: Customers are going to be solely liable for their personal material and therefore the safety of household resources.

Discharging: After service completion, the client consequently releases from additional liabilities.