Treadmill Repair Service

Best Treadmill Repair Service

Treadmill Repair Service – Overview​

Service Dibo offers the best treadmill repair or installation service in the town. These services will help you to maintain your exercise routine smoothly and keep you fit without any hassle.You have to just pinch us and our experts will go to your doorstep to deliver the service.

Service Dibo gives regular treadmill maintenance and treadmill repair near you at home. Regardless of whether your treadmill is broken or your business is searching for confided-in experts to keep up with your machines, we can help! We’ve been assisting individual and business customers for a really long time, so we can deal with any piece of gym equipment you have.

Putting some time and cash into equipment maintenance can help with dragging out the existence of your treadmill and guarantee you’re not amazed by an expensive fix down the line. Keen on getting more familiar with how we can help you? Need to get everything rolling with treadmill technicians? Just give us a call.

Types of Treadmill Service We Provide

  • Treadmill Installation
  • Treadmill Motor Replacement
  • Treadmill Motor Repair
  • Treadmill Belt Repair
  • Treadmill Assembly
  • Treadmill Circuit Board Repair
  • Rehabilitation Treadmill
  • Treadmill Motor Controller Troubleshooting
  • Treadmill Motherboard Repair
  • Treadmill Belt Repair Tape
  • Treadmill Disassembly Service
  • Treadmill Belt Replacement
  • Treadmill Control Board Replacement
  • Treadmill Inverter Repair
  • Treadmill DC Motor Repair

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What's Inside The Package:
  • Treadmill Check Up
  • Treadmill Installation
  • Treadmill Servicing & Oil Filling
What's Outside The Package:
  • Any additional parts or materials prices (if used) are not included in this service package.
  • You have to pay transportation costs for carrying parts or materials (if applicable).

Service Features:

  • Proper Diagnosis
  • Professional Technician
  • Doorstep Service
  • Competitive Price
  • No Hidden Charge
  • Service Warranty
  • Safety Assurance
  • Complete Repairing
  • Hassle free Customer Support

Terms Of Service

  • Warranty: ServiceDibo provides 10 days of service warranty. However, warranty on consumable materials/parts are as per manufacturer.

    Costing: Service charge is fixed yet the cost will vary if any extra or supplanting materials/parts are introduced.

    Diagnosis Charge: Diagnosis Charge of highest BDT 200 is relevant if the client chooses not to take the service after the specialist co-op has done a diagnosis of the issue.

    Safety Measures: Customers are going to be solely liable for their personal material and therefore the safety of household resources.

    Liability: Service Dibo won’t be responsible for any pre-existing issues/potential risks reported by the technician but not handled because of customer refusal to repair an equivalent .

    Discharging: After service completion, the client consequently releases from additional liabilities.
Pricing Terms
  • You have to pay only the service charge (If no new parts are used)

After service completion you have to pay through our website or Cash On Delivery.


Of course not! After service completion you will receive a text on your mobile from Service Dibo then you have to pay through Service Dibo or Cash on Delivery.

No. We do not manufacture treadmill parts by ourselves. So, the warranty differs as per manufacturer. However, we give you 7 days of free service warranty.

Yes, you can buy necessary and required materials/ parts by yourself. But any operational dysfunctionality won’t be held responsible by our Service Providers and Serviced Dibo itself.