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Renovation & Decoration Service – Overview

Why take Service Dibo renovation service?

  • Detail Profile checked, Well Trained Renovation Experts.
  • Proficient Service at Your Doorstep
  • Convenient Service Delivery.
  • Proper Hygiene Maintenance.
  • Top of The Line Items & Adornments
  • Forthright Estimating & No Secret Expense
  • Expert Coordination & Project planning
  • On-time Project Handover & One-stop Arrangement


It is common for people to get used properties, often reuse houses and renovate them as a way of accelerating their value. Renovation or room decor is the process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure and repair to bring the best desired outcome of anyone’s choice. It is often a busy experience to someone thanks to different vendor engagement and affordability and authentic products. Service Dibo provides brings the simplest solution by introducing verified service provider for this work with convenient delivery where you’ll one stop solution for any decoration,renovation, remodeling, home decor and repair work.

As with all home improvement projects, a home renovation comes with much planning and, hard work, but it’s an outstanding thanks to breathe new life into an old home, it’ll put your mark on the property and to not mention, increase its value.

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House Decoration: Where to begin while revamping a house

Every successful house renovation is the result of expert planning. Use our expert guidance on each stage of renovating a house or office, to make sure it runs smoothly, safely, and to plan.

What order does one renovate a house in? Once you’ve found interest in an appropriate house renovation project, you would like to make sure that you simply follow the right sequence of house renovation works, for the simplest possible results.

Examination On The Scope

Get to understand your home or office. how actually you’d wish to see your space. where you think that needs more attention. what’s necessary to vary the specified ambiance. List down the items and make a priority list. Search online for the best ideas or take expert help like Service Dibo who can assist you make the list of works.

Workout The Worth

Before taking over the choice, you ought to thoroughly research renovation costs to see that the project is financially viable, but once you’ve got possession, have an honest shop around and properly assess the extent of the works, so you’ll get an in-depth financial schedule in place. you would like to be realistic about what work you’ll afford to try to do and when. Make your renovation supported the affordability.

Check For Any Restrictions Before You Start

Before you begin you ought to check whether there’s any restriction that may arise while starting the work otherwise you have the permission to travel for renovation works. the sturdiness of existing property and any risk factor which can affect in future.

Set Aside a Few Minutes For Planning

Once you’ve got your plans, you want to identify which aspects of your proposed renovation require statutory consent. supported the priority list make a schedule of your project with an expert. Select the raw materials, brands, quality and time to deliver. Approve the design before signing the agreement or issue the work order. Strict to the plan and time to urge things done on time and hassle-free renovation work.

Room Decor
Room Decor

It’s worth taking some time to perfect the planning and make sure the finished property will meet your needs. believe how the changes will work together with your expectations. you ought to be open enough to style the thought before starting the work albeit it costs some extra cash to still roll in the hay to avoid dissatisfaction.

Find The Best Contractors

You have to feel comfortable and assured within the skills of everyone performing on your site. It’s worth taking an expert, like a builder or architect, with you on a viewing to urge a thought of costs, which you’ll then reflect within to provide you with make. attempt to find a contractor who provides a one-stop solution and has expertise on extensive renovation work from small to large. 

The contractor should be accommodating all of your requirements as you desired. don’t believe a contractor who offers a low price as they’re going to cause you to suffer during the project which can cost you quite you expected. attempt to get help from a reputed company like Service D who can guarantee you hassle-free service and also you’ll easily find them when necessary.

Start With Major Renovation Work

Start your project with priority tasks and major renovation works supported by your schedule. Move to the tiny fixing and ornamental works one after another. Periodically coordinate with the project contractor and checklist the tasks.

Completing & Decorating

Decorating is the part of a project that folks most anticipate.This is often where you actually get to place your stamp on your home and make it yours. Where we had heavy and rough work on the sooner stages, now we’ve lighter, more precise work where care must be taken to not damage finishes and to put in items level, straight and in-line. Finally, check precisely before taking the handover of the project.

Get your dream project through with Service Dibo renovation experts and keep your renovation work hassle-free.

How do we work?

We roll in the hay in a very professional and straightforward way thanks to providing our customers a hassle-free experience. We follow 6 simple steps to bring the become your property or space

Step:1 Service booking by the customer 

Step:2 Initial screening and measurement by expert 

Step:3 Finalization of labor scopes 

Step:4 Schedule fixing and advance payment 

Step:5 Implementation and supervision

Step:6 Completion & Handover

Why choose us?

Expert minds create excellent spaces and Service Dibo brings the simplest affordable options for you. We offer services at your doorstep with an excellent hassle-free experience. We take full guarantee of your excellent service experience. We are transparent and no hidden cost to surprise you within the middle of your service journey.

Pricing & Terms

Customers may be required to provide the advance amount of 50% of the total amount to confirm the order before service delivery.

Payment: After service completion – you can pay through online or COD.

Liability: Even though the expert’s background is checked and verified by Service Dibo for(safety and security), the respective customers will be liable for their personal safety as well as the safety of the service provider.