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Pest Control Service in Dhaka

Pest Control Service – Overview

Are you looking for the best pest control service companies near you? Service Dibo provides pest control services like termite control, rodent control, kill mosquitoes, bed bugs removal or bed bugs treatment, fly killer, and pest management service with good reputation and confirmed results.

Our professional and expert team at Service Dibo has been taking care of the pest control task properly the initial time around. We complete nuisance control examinations to distinguish your concern and annihilate all bugs. We then, at that point, shield your home or business against their return. From bug control to cockroach control, Service Dibo gives the best quality of Pest Control in Dhaka. Our expert pest controller group works with no wreck and is straightforward by utilizing the most secure conceivable pest control and pest management services available. Need admittance to reasonable and compelling nuisance control all through Uttara? Contact Service Dibo today.

Service Features:

What’s Excluded?

  • Repairing Service
  • Laundry Service

Estimated Flat Size:

BHK Means: B – Bedroom, H – Hall Room, K – Kitchen

  • 1 BHK Flat – 800 Sq Ft – 1000 Sq Ft
  • 2 BHK Flat – 1000 Sq Ft – 1200 Sq Ft
  • 3 BHK Flat – 1200 Sq Ft – 1600 Sq Ft
  • More Than 3 BHK Flat – 1600 Sq Ft ++


Yes. All kind of pest control material cost for the services is included in the mentioned price.

Mentioned price is the starting price. However, the price differs depending depends on the area of pest control, work complexity and extend of pest control measures.

A minimum service charge of BDT 500 will be applicable if the total bill is below BDT 500.

The completion time of the service depends on the number of rooms and floors. Cleaner will try to complete the service within 2 hours.

If anything goes wrong after availing a particular through ServiceDibo. A tri-party investigation will be launched (which will involve ServiceDibo, service partner and the customer).After completion of a transparent investigation. Detection and rectification of the issue will be made.

Yes there have warranty depends on the service but Ant and Mosquito has No Warranty


Pest control is the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest. Service Dibo offers an entire solution for your bug and bugs-related issues. Our professional pest control service providers will reach at the doorstep within a few hours and look out for your pest-related problems.

Payment System:

After service completion, you have to pay through a Bank check or Cash on Delivery.

Pricing Terms:

  • If the Kitchen is more than 100 Sq Ft then an additional BDT 300 per 50 Sq Ft will be added.
  • The price mentioned is estimated and depends on:
    • Area of pest control
    • Work Complexity
    • Extend of Pest Control Measures

Terms & Conditions

  • A minimum service charge of BDT 500 is applicable if the total bill is below BDT 500.
  • If you cancel the service after the pest controller reaches your doorstep then you just have to pay BDT 100 as a visiting charge.  
  • Customers will be solely responsible for their personal material and the safety of household resources.
  • Regular pest control services do not necessitate the end to all your pest problems.
  • After service completion, the customer automatically discharges from further liabilities.

Why ServiceDibo?

  • Hassle-Free Service
  • Less Expensive
  • Professional Experts
  • Well Equipped
  • Well Trained
  • Use Imported Chemical
  • Reliable Customer Support

Top 10 pest control tips and tricks

  1. Keep the kitchen clean
  2. Keep the bathroom clean
  3. Do not allow water to stand
  4. Maintain your garden (If you Have)
  5. Don’t keep fruits and vegetables out for long
  6. Dispose of garbage regularly
  7. Keep items of external use outside
  8. Fix nets on windows
  9. Dispose of things you don’t need
  10. Contact a professional pest control service provider like us