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Best House Painting Companies In Dhaka

Trying to find the best house painting companies near you! We have the best expert house painters to provide you with painting service at low pricing. We offer both interior painting and exterior painting.

House Painting Services – Overview

Why take Service Dibo's House painting service?

  • We have experienced professional and expert painters
  • We use only branded products
  • We maintain proper safety and repair equipment carries by expert
  • We make sure the right measurement, process, and merchandise at an equivalent time
  • We guarantee our client post service warranty assurance
  • We give customer service up to 1 Year
  • On time work delivery
  • We ensure no hidden cost unlike other local service providers

Details of Home Painting Service

Dhaka & Chittagong sees an outsized population of individuals come here with different purposes to study or to figure and do business. Most search for a house or apartment that’s nice and well-maintained which can make them feel reception. This is often one of the factors that create painting an important task. House Painting can breathe new life onto the walls of your space, and make your house desire a home. an equivalent is true for commercial buildings and offices.

However, a painting isn’t as easy a task because it could seem but requires the expertise and skills of dedicated and experienced painters to make sure that the work is completed is of high quality.

The home painting could seem like a simple task but it’s something that’s best left to a knowledgeable painter to handle. Here’s how a knowledgeable painting contractor will help you:

Experience with preparation of painting work

Home Painting is quite just splashing paint on your walls. There’s tons of prior work that goes into painting, like sanding, filling putty, priming then on. And this is often something that a knowledgeable expert painter of ServiceDibo will have expert knowledge about and knowledge in painting works.

Expertise in several paints, shades and finishes

Whether we mention interior house paintings or exterior house paintings, it’s important to recollect that a paint that appears sort of a perfect pick on a rendered computer image can look completely different (and unsuitable) actually and in several finishes. Professional expert painters of Service Dibo know tons about paint finishes and their effect on different surfaces, and will, therefore, be ready to guide you best in your selection.

Efficient and effective work with no wastage

Professional painting services have been doing their job for so long that they’re experts in determining what proportion paint is required for a project. This ensures that there’s no paint wastage, thus, reducing your exterior painting costs also . In fact, expert painters of ServiceDibo offer you a correct painting cost estimate beforehand itself.

Neatness and cleanliness

If you’re getting an interiors paint job done, then there’s a high risk that your floor and furniture can get splattered with paint too. Professional expert painters of Service Dibo will take all the required measures to stay your house safe from spills and marks.

Time saving

Since professional building or house painting contractors work many roles , they stick with the time schedule given to you and deliver leads to a fast turnaround . More importantly, since they are doing an excellent job within the first time round itself, you’ll make sure to save a lot of precious time.

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What Painting Services Does Offer?

Paint Consultation: thorough on-site assessment, paint & color preference, costing

Residential Painting: poker hand , Single Apartment, Few Rooms, Few Walls

Commercial Painting: Offices, retail spaces, hospitals, hotels, educational spaces, lifestyle spaces and others. 

Damp Proofing: Wall Damp, Water Leakage, Molding, Roof leak permanent solution with 12 years guaranteed solution

Door Painting Service

Industrial Painting

Outside House Painting
Girls doing house paintings

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter From Service Dibo

  • Proper Preparation
  • Safer Atmosphere
  • Insured for Mishaps
  • Get Color Suggestions
  • High-Quality Work
  • Complete Cleanup
  • No hidden charges
  • On-time completion
  • 100% genuine products
  • Hassle-free experience

Pricing Terms & Conditions:

  • Inspection/Visitation charge is BDT 200 are going to be applicable if service isn’t availed for consultancy service.
  • If the order is confirmed to be served, then visiting charges are going to be adjusted for consultancy service.
  • Separate pricing structure consistent with service and material.
  • Prices aren’t limited to cost cards and depend upon actual requirements.
  • Prices are going to be communicated before the confirmation of the task.
  • No Change offers are going to be accepted after the work order is confirmed and updated within the system.
  • Product prices & Quantity may vary and support the particular paint area and condition of the surfaces that you simply paint.
  • The paint area isn’t the ground area. Usually, the paint area is 3 times than floor area.

Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer.

10 Days service warranty is given by Service Dibo.


The cost is calculated based on the amount of paint used for painting walls.To help you understand we’ve added an example: A room that is 10 x 15 feet with an 9-foot ceiling. The room has two doors and two windows. Measure the total distance (perimeter) around the room. (10 ft. + 15 ft.) x 2 = 50 ft. Multiply the perimeter by the ceiling height to get the total wall area: 50 ft. x 9 ft. = 450 sq. ft. 

Doors are usually 21 square feet (there are two in this example): 21 sq. ft. x 2 = 42 sq. ft. Windows average 15 square feet (there are two in this example): 15 sq. ft. x 2 = 30 sq. ft. Take the total wall area and subtract the area for the doors and windows to get the wall surface to be painted: 450 sq. ft. (wall area) – 42 sq. ft. (doors) – 30 sq. ft. (windows) = 378 sq. ft. of walls that needs to be painted. 

You can calculate the quantity of ceiling paint needed for the ceiling by multiplying the width of the room by its length: 10 ft. x 15 ft. = 150 sq. ft. So in this example total paint surface is 528 sq. ft.

It usually provides a coverage of 120 – 140 square feet per litre for 1 coat and 60 – 70 square feet per litre for 2 coats on a normal masonry surface.

Color life span is 4 to 5 years. Hence, it depends on the wall condition.

Actually no. Our service provider will buy the paint according to your preference. However, this might differ if you have chosen to supply paint by yourself. Product costs shall be provided in advance where applicable.

For every service we will assign a proper number of laborers to complete it on time. But if you want extra labor in order to complete it early then you have to pay for extra labor.

Yes. After expert visit your place the consultation fee of 250 tk needs to be paid. With consultation you will get:1. on site inspection and analysis of wall condition 2. suitable color and paint preference 3. costing and measurement 4. other queries which you may face during painting. These service becomes free when you take the painting service with