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Best Interior Design Consultancy Service

Service Dibo offers the best interior design consultancy service for you. We are one of the best interior design consultancy firms in Dhaka.

Interior Design Consultancy Services – Overview

  • Proficient and suitable consultancy
  • Appropriate legitimization and direction
  • The best answer for the necessity
  • Continuously remember the Budget plan 
  • No superfluous costing or material idea
  • Appropriate estimating and item ideas
  • Proper timeline proposed with item list
  • Market confirmation and costing examination

Planning your very own space into something that you’ve generally envisioned or sought for is a colossal advance in one’s stepping stool of life. Your house is an unmistakable impression of your persona and putting this symbolism inside an encased space can be an overwhelming assignment. This is where we attempt to transform your fantasy into a living reality. You can pick Interior Designers depending on your necessities of exclusively Consultation or Execution, the territory you might want to revamp, or the styles/kinds you search for.

How lives up to your desires?

Depending on your budget and wishes , you’ll get a 2D design pattern or a 3D outlook of your house. Interior designers from Service Dibo also offer a good range of designs from Contemporary design to modern design to Casual etc. to fit your interior design ideas. They plan alongside their own team. Choose your decorator to include your home décor ideas on the idea of the space that must be designed Broadly, Interior designers are available in these three categories: Residential- Floors, Flats and private Apartments, Commercial- Offices, Buildings, and Shopping Malls, Retail- Cafes and Restaurants.

Choose the type of design

Your home ought to be a portrayal of your character and hence, you need to remember a few styles and topics that best suit the chosen plan of the house. You can browse a determination of styles, for example, – Contemporary, Modern, Minimalistic, Vintage, Retro, Casual, Formal, Nature Compliant plan, extravagance inside plans and surprisingly Indian inside plans.

What Service Dibo Interior Design service offers?

Interior Design Consultancy and Drawing Service: Whether you would like expert suggestions or 2D/3D drawing of your imagination, otherwise you need expert supervision, our experts are here to assist .

Full Home Interior Design: an entire end-to-end solution from design to execution of your poker hand bedroom to the kitchen, furniture to wall construction, paint to tiles everything you need .

Cabinet Design: all types of recent or contemporary minimalist design cabinet designs supported your spaces.

Shop Design: Modern shop design with functional spaces and lights with storage cabinets and colorful closets and ornamental designs.

Cafe/Restaurant Design: Whether it is a cafe or a family restaurant our experts can provide the most effective ideas to style a singular public space for you which of them will bring comfort to your guests.

Is Service Dibo The Right Choice For You?

Service Dibo vows to interface you with the best experts that thus give you top-notch Service. The whole task cost and expected time for finishing of work can be discussed with the actual expert. You can survey and analyze citations, prior to picking what’s best for you.

How does it work?

Book your consultancy: Book knowledgeable consultancy from the simplest interior firms around you to guide you through the method of choosing the proper interior for you.

Share your expectations: Share your requirements with the expert to seek out the simplest suitable option for you within your budget and expected design 

Hire the proper expert: Hire the proper expert to consult you throughout the project to make sure outcome meets your expectations

One-stop solution: Taking an answer from multiple vendors would be the foremost hassled experience for you and therefore the combined result might not be needless to say . So trust in your consultant and obtain the answer from one place 

Project execution and supervising: Supervise your project with an expert to avoid any misconduct and obtain the convenient service while you’re stress-free.


Actually No. You will have to pay 200TK per visit as conveyance charge for physical visit.

No. You have to pay the design charge if you want 2D or 3D design.

Yes. you will get proper support online.