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generator service & Maintenance – Overview

We all know that generator plays a vital role in our day to day life. So a faulty generator can be a burden for us and getting an authentic generator service near you is so difficult. Service Dibo takes the initiative to take off your generator service, repairing and maintenance hassle. We are one of the best generator service companies in Bangladesh.

Service Dibo Best Practice Generator Preventive Maintenance Procedures

Preventive maintenance for diesel generators assumes a basic part in augmenting unwavering quality, limiting fixes, and decreasing long-haul costs. By following commonly perceived diesel maintenance strategies and explicit manufacturer recommendations for your reserve generator arrangement, you’ll be guaranteed that your backup generator solution will begin and run when you really want it most.

Like any mechanical type of equipment, maintenance is basic for guaranteeing that a diesel-controlled backup generator will begin and run when required. A very much arranged upkeep program is crucial for the activity of any power station system.

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Types of Generators we Fix:

  • AC Generator
  • DC Generator
  • Gas Generator
  • Caterpillar Generator
  • AVR Generator
  • Biogas Generator
  • Home Generators
  • Perkins Generator
  • Thermoelectric Generator
  • Electric Generator
  • Petrol Generator
Perkins Industrial Generator
Perkins Industrial Generator
Service Features:
  •  Well-trained Workmen
  •  10 Days Service Warranty
  •  Doorstep service
  •  Safety Assurance
Pricing Terms:
  • You have to pay only the service charge (If no new parts are used)
  • Vising cost BDT 100 will need to pay if no service is availed.
  • Any additional parts or materials prices (if used) are not included in this service package.
  • You have to pay transportation costs for carrying parts or materials (if applicable).


  • Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer
  • 10 Days of service warranty will be given by Service Dibo
10 Quick Tips for Generator Maintenance
  1. Check The OIL Regularly
  2. Don’t Use Dirty Oil
  3. Check The Air Filter Daily
  4. Keep It Clean
  5. On The Lookout For Leaks
  6. Hang Tight
  7. Inspect The Spark Plugs Regularly
  8. Avoid Strainer Strain
  9. Annual Inspection
  10. Store It Properly

Terms & Conditions

  • Service Dibo or its representatives are not liable for any direct or incidental loss or damage of the client’s property or personal security during availing the service, caused by accident, theft, burglary or any other type of incidental damages.
  • The client is singularly responsible for monitoring, using and supervising the activities of the resource provided by service providers.
  • By availing the service, the client automatically discharges Service Dibo from any claims or legal/moral liabilities other than stated in the details of service specified by Service