Furniture Cleaning Service In Dhaka

Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning Services – Overview

Service Dibo has loads of upholstery cleaning goals for you. We will revive your upholstered furniture and right away require a long time off of their appearance. We have completely prepared our professional upholstery cleaner to know how to clean an assortment of kinds of upholstery textures. We won’t treat your cloth similarly we treat softened cowhide. We don’t have a one cleaning strategy fits all mindset.

Revive Your Upholstered Chairs, Sofas and Furniture Today!

Would you say you are tired of checking out your sofas that have clearly been lived on? The upholstered seats with such a large number of espresso spills, shoe imprints, and soil? Especially in this economy, very few individuals can abandon an impulse and buy new furnishings.

Regardless of whether you are searching for sofa cleaner or sofa cleaning services, furniture polishing, curtain cleaning, vehicle upholstery cleaning, or expert bedding cleaning – all that could be within reach inside your home or office, Service Dibo is here to meet your all kinds of furniture cleaning service.

We have fabricated an unwavering client base by treating them and their possessions consciously, and we’ve endeavored to ensure we improve than any other person can. On the off chance that you are searching for proficient cleaning services, call us today at +8801617578013. We are certain you will be excited with your phenomenal, clean furnishings.

Eco-Friendly Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Service

We at Service Dibo realize that a considerable lot of our clients are worried about the environment. They inquire as to whether our furniture cleaning service are harmless to the ecosystem for their family and their pets.

Our response is absolute yes, our items secure your prosperity. We don’t permit any superfluous synthetics to be delivered into the climate. Our green-cleaning items further develop indoor air quality and furthermore lessen unfavorably susceptible side effects against two enormous allergen factors in the home, that dust bugs, and creature dander.

The minuscule particles enter the upholstery textures, harming the filaments. Proficient furniture cleaning services like our own comprehend that distinctive upholstery materials in your home have shifting resilience that require explicit cleaning methods.

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Why Cleaning Is So Much Significant For Furniture​

Having Furniture Cleaned Can Free More Than 70% Of Airborne Microorganisms, And As Much As 80% Of Surface Microscopic Organisms From A Room, Making For A Better And More Joyful Climate. Cleaning Furniture Is Particularly Essential To Live In A New Climate.

What to Expect?

  • Background checked expert cleaners
  • Utilization of expert cleaning instruments like furniture cleaning spray
  • Proficient Cleaners


  • Cost may fluctuate in the event of the intricacy of Furniture 
  • Upon examination for various size


After service completion, you’ll pay online or COD.


Yes if the mark is not permanent then it will be removed

Yes as per the service we will use the machine depends on the sofa

For sofa and carpet nearly 80% will be dry by the machine

It’s not included in sofa clean. for the cushions, it will take extra charge

Service Dibo technicians clean furniture of all types and shapes: sofas, sofa-beds, sectional sofas, couches, armchairs, recliners, dining / accent / office chairs, ottomans, poufs, love-seats, bean bags, chaise lounges, car seats, cushions etc.

No. After it has been professionally cleaned, upholstery should dry first. The dry out process can take around 4 to 6 hours. Ask our professionals on site for more accurate information and guidance.

Yes, we provide upholstery cleaning services for home and business owners. We have commercial grade powerful cleaning machines, as well as certified, experienced and trained staff to cover all your cleaning needs.


DIY Tips For Furniture Cleaning

Your own standard upholstery cleaning will do miracles to keep your upholstered furniture looking new. Routine vacuuming (we propose once per week for exceptionally lived-on furnishings, and maybe every other week or month to month for less utilized furnishings) will assist with keeping residue, soil and different particles from subsiding into the texture strands, separating them and causing a ragged look.

Rapidly eliminating any undeniable colors will likewise assist with keeping your furniture looking new. You can do this by vacuuming the region, and making a combination of parts clothing cleanser with 1 section water. Beat this combination until you get delicate pinnacles, spread onto the stain, and scratch off. Later it dries, you should see an exceptional contrast.