Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning Services – Overview

What to Expect?


  • Cost may fluctuate in the event of the intricacy of Furniture 
  • Upon examination for various size


After service completion, you’ll pay online or COD.


Service Includes 

  • Cleaning the Furniture 
  • Rely upon the texture utilizing the substance and brush

Why Cleaning is so much significant for furniture

Having furniture cleaned can free more than 70% of airborne microorganisms, and as much as 80% of surface microscopic organisms from a room, making for a better and more joyful climate. Cleaning furniture is particularly essential to live in a new climate.


Yes if the mark is not permanent then it will be removed

Yes as per the service we will use the machine depends on the sofa

For sofa and carpet nearly 80% will be dry by the machine

It’s not included in sofa clean. for the cushions, it will take extra charge