Home Deep Cleaning

We Offer The Best Deep Cleaning Services in Dhaka

Details Of Home Deep Cleaning​

Do you procrastinate deep cleaning your home? Might it be said that you are scared of looking under your sofa or bed realizing that it will be loaded with dust and germs? Do you feel overburdened by the size of the task when you at long last start cleaning? Then, at that point, relax. Service Dibo’s home deep cleaning service is the best choice for you. We offer efficient full home deep cleaning services in Dhaka to our customers. We also give special cleaning services such as kitchen deep cleaning, washroom deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, and so forth to our customers who are searching for specific cleaning services and don’t need their whole house cleaned.

Home Deep Cleaning Services – Overview

Service Includes

  • Dusting all ceilings and grills.
  • Entire home including balcony.
  • Dusting of all appliances from outside.
  • Deep cleaning of all washroom and kitchen
  • Cleaning all ceiling fans & exhaust fan, and lights.
  • All windows and furniture of the house.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire Professional Deep Cleaning Services from Us

1. Get a Sparkling Clean Home: Regular cleaning is vital to eliminate dirt, allergens and microbes from your home as they might prompt breathing challenges, hypersensitivities and sicknesses particularly in kids and pets. By recruiting cleaning experts it turns out to be simple for you to keep a spotless home that is liberated from dust, allergens and microorganisms. 

Proficient cleaners completely perfect and disinfect every little hiding spot in your home with the goal that every one of the microorganisms and allergens is eliminated or killed.

2. Save Your Precious Time: When you recruit cleaning experts, you can make certain to save a ton of time. In addition to the fact that you free up hours that you would have in any case spent in scouring the floors, sanitizing the surfaces and tidying the furnishings yet additionally get quick outcomes by recruiting proficient cleaners. 

The cleaning experts are prepared in utilizing various instruments and items that they use to profoundly clean your home for a portion of the time it would have taken you to do everything without help from anyone else. You can invest your free energy to peruse a book, get familiar with another ability, find companions or mess around with your family.

3. Ensure Healthy Environment in Your Home: After a home deep cleaning service, you will feel that the air in your home feels cleaner and the surfaces are shining because of the expulsion of residue, stains and microorganisms. Your home would smell new and look spotless also. Your home is presently a solid climate for yourself as well as your family to flourish.

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When You Need A Full Home Deep Cleaning Service?

You can benefit of home deep cleaning services dependent on your own requirements and financial plan as there are no rigid standards to adhere to. The recurrence additionally relies upon the size of your home, number of relatives, number of kids or pets at home, and so forth Assuming you employ a full home deep cleaning service then it could be a smart thought to book the service like clockwork to keep up with neatness.

Cleaner will Bring:

Home Deep Cleaning Tools
Cleaning Tools

Resource & Time

  • Resources: Minimum: 3-4 Professional Cleaners
  • Time Duration: 5-6 Hours


After service completion – respective customers will pay through online or COD.


After service completion, you can pay through online or COD. After payment please make sure, you have received the SMS containing the money receipt