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Best Carpenter Working Services

Carpentry Services – Overview

Why Take Service Dibo Carpentry Services?
  • Background checked and proficient specialists at your doorstep
  • Fast arrangement and on-request service any time
  • Helpful assistance conveyance and bother free experience
  • Legitimate quality upkeep and dependability
  • Proper justification of work and material to diminish over cost 
  • 10-day post-service warranty and damage coverage

Details of carpenter working:

A lot of energy and time is invested to keep a house together. There could be a squeaky door hinge that needs your attention or the vintage master bed may have some fixing. A framework might need some redoing otherwise you might want a replacement customized wooden shelf for the space. But in today’s time, it becomes a task to urge this stuff done. Taking each day off is impractical while fetching a carpenter on Friday is itself a task. 

That’s why Service Dibo is here to supply you with the simplest carpenter services near you at standardized prices. The costs are supported by marketing research and affordable on a convenient service at the doorstep with no hassle. This is often for them who understand the credibility of employment and therefore the importance of getting things done on time.

Why should you take carpentry service?

Best Carpenters at Your Doorstep: Service Dibo presents to you the best Craftsmen/Carpenters close to you at your home. All experts are foundation confirmed. They go through various security checks before they are welcomed readily.

Doorstep Repair: You get a doorstep fixing service inside a short way from the best carpentry services around you. You simply need to put in a request and hang tight for the expert at your doorstep.

Post-Service Guarantees: When you avail the carpentry services from Service Dibo you get a 10-day post-service to ensure. Likewise, you get protection for any harm inclusion to shield you from any wrongdoing.

Client Centric: All the services given by Service Dibo including carpentry service are client driven. We esteem our clients the most and our carpentry service intended to satisfy client interest.

Carpentry Services by Service Dibo:

Furniture Repair & Fixes

Furniture Paint & Polish

Furniture Assembly and Fitting

Furniture Making Service

Furniture Cover & Foam Repair

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Common Carpentry Problems

Door Lock Problem: This is the foremost common problem that everyone encounters. The jammed locks are often fixed by coating the door key with powdered graphite or spraying the graphite into the keyhole. This acts as a lubricant and should unjam the lock.

Broken Furniture: Broken furniture are often fixed reception on the other hand again, it won’t last long. It’s better to urge a carpenter reception from and let him fix it within the absolute best way.

Creaking Hinges: You can fix the squeaking sound of your door by applying some oil to the hinges. It may take care of the issue for a brief timeframe.

Foam Cover Tearing Problem: After a couple of long stretches of utilization foam and the cover gets destroyed and that totally ruins your furniture looks even after you made it with the best wood. Around there, you need to pick the best cover for you, and our master will fix and fit that for you.

Clean or Painting of Furniture: Polish furniture required following not many long periods of utilization or you need to coordinate with the tone with recently purchased furniture. It is hard for you to convey that to a nearby shop or elsewhere rather you can employ a specialist from Service Dibo for advantageous home service.

Terms & Conditions

Pricing: Prices mentioned are service only and might differ depending on the respective customer’s requirement of material and additional work scope. Material and additional job pricing will be determined after work scope assessment by the service provider at site.  

Warranty: Warranty on consumables and parts (if used) will be as per manufacturer. However, 10 Days Service Warranty will be given by Service Dibo

Payment: After service completion respective customers will pay through our website or Cash on Delivery.

Scheduling: Service delivery date could be postponed or changed subject to any political or natural crisis cause.

Liability: Service Dibo will not be liable for any pre-existing issues/potential risks reported by the resource but not handled due to customer refusal.

Cancellation of Service: If you need to cancel any order after you placed an order for any reason you need to cancel 1 hour prior to the service provider visiting your place. If not you may have to pay 200 TK as a visiting charge to the expert.


The mentioned price is the starting pricing. Pricing differs depending on the work scope and complexity after visiting the location or communicating with the service provider.

The price mostly depends on type of material you select, size of the material, complexity of the design. however we provide total transparency and up front pricing to protect your needs

If anything goes wrong after availing services through a tri-party investigation will be launched (which will involve, service provider and the customer). After completion of a transparent investigation. Detection and rectification of the issue will be made. We offer 7 Days service warranty to support our customer.

Of course not! After service completion you will receive a text on your mobile from then you have to pay through Online or Cash on Delivery.

For furniture making service we will provide or assist you to purchase material. For any repair service you need to provide the material of your choice or our expert can help you with this and please ask for bill after material purchase

If you need to cancel any order after you placed order for any reason you need to cancel 1 hour prior to service provider visit your place. If not you may have to pay 250 TK as a visiting charge to the expert.