cleaning service packages

Professional Cleaning Packages

Cleaning Service Packages​ – Overview

Service Dibo offers the best cleaning service packages for their customers. We have more than 17+ cleaning service packages to offer you. You can choose your desired service from one of those packages.

Evaluating and Payment

  • Pricing policy: Price references are upheld least amount expressed additional charge will be added if the work scope increments. 
  • Warranty: 10 days service warranty is given by Service Dibo 
  • Installment: After service fulfillment – particular clients can pay on the web or COD.
Home Cleaning Service Packages
Cleaning Service Packages

Accessible Service Packages:

Basic House Cleaning

In this house cleaning package, we provide basic house cleaning services like dusting, mopping, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming etc. 

Deep Cleaning

This package has a little bit extra than the basic house cleaning package. This package is for those who haven’t taken any expert cleaning service in a while.

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Laundry Services

We also provides laundry services to our valuable clients. Washing, dry, fold clothing etc.

Sanitization Services

This is our most high demanding service. It can be your home or your office, we provide sanitization service as per your demand.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Clean your dirty ceiling and wall with our experts. We have excellent professionals who will clean your ceiling and walls with good handle and care.

Carpet Cleaning

Service Dibo provides best carpet cleaning service in Dhaka. From carpet cleaning to carpet repairing or odor removal from your carpet, we have all in one solution for you.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain cleaning services can involve both on and off- point cleaning styles. The on- point process involves dry cleaning. It’s generally recommended because it’s more accessible for the customer ( curtains aren’t taken down and rehung), gentler on the fabric, and provides a superior clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

Another area service that involves cleaning fabric on furniture ( couches and armchairs). The material is generally pre-treated and also irrigated with water.

Office Cleaning

Office space or commercial space cleaning service is the most demandable cleaning service right now. Currently, almost 35+ offices take our office cleaning service on regular basis. this service includes office desk, restroom, kitchen, washrooms, common areas, and reception area.

Disaster Cleaning and Restoration

These cleaning service packages is specially designed for cleaning those messy areas done by any uncertainty or disaster that happens by nature.

Window Cleaning

It is very difficult to clean big apartments or commercial building windows. That’s why you need a professional team who knows how to clean the windows of skyscrapers. You are at the right place, we have many professional experts in our team for window cleaning service.

Pressure Washing

Here we use a jet washer to deliver a important water sluice to remove dirt and clean shells. Pressure washing businesses frequently perform specific jobs similar as makeup junking, restoration, conservation. They can also offer add-on services like window, gutter, and roof cleaning.

Restroom Cleaning

Cleaning restrooms may be part of office and home cleaning, but it’s also a high- demand standalone marketable service. Colosseum, seminaries, one-off events, and open public spaces can all profit from this service.

Janitorial Services

This service offers complete maintenance and cleanliness of business, school, commercial premises etc. Only special trained experts can deliver this type of service.

School Cleaning

This  service offers complete maintenance and cleanliness of business, school, commercial premises etc. Only special trained experts can deliver this type of service.

Medical Cleaning

Clinics and hospitals have high norms when it comes to cleanliness, medical cleaning is largely technical. You need to use the right cleaning service providers and also equipment for these types of marketable cleaning services and abide by the demanding cleaning practices.

After checking our 17 best cleaning service packages we really want to know which service you need the most in your day-to-day life. Call us for any support: +8801617578013