AC Servicing

Best AC Servicing In Dhaka

Overview of AC Servicing

Are you looking for the best AC servicing companies who provide the best ac repair near you? We offer the best ac servicing, ac installation and uninstallation, ac cooling problem solution, monthly or annually maintenance service.

In the summers, AC is the main thing that gives alleviation and solace. Without AC, it is hard to make due. Indeed, even a minor shortcoming in AC can influence your day-by-day daily practice. Hence, it is fundamental to get regular ac servicing and get the deformities fixed ideal to stay away from costly substitution costs. Assuming you are dealing with any issue with the working of your AC, it is fitting to counsel an ac mechanic.

Air conditioners have turned into an essential part of our lives be it at home or work. Pretty much every other family and the corporate working environment have an AC installed. Throughout the long term, AC is not any more an extravagance however has turned into a need to beat the rising hotness. To keep the AC running effectively, timely maintenance and repair are fundamental. Regular AC servicing builds the time frame of realistic usability of the AC. End your quest for the best air conditioning repair service.

Service Dibo provides the best AC service near you. At Service Dibo, you can hire professional ac technician to get the best AC repair service near you. From fundamental inspection to total servicing solution you can get almost all types of AC related service.

You have to pay only:

  • Service Charge
  • Price of materials or Parts (if needed)
  • Transportation cost for carrying new parts or materials

What you will get:

  • AC Fundamental Service
  • AC Total Solution Service
  • AC Water Drop Solution
  • AC Jet Wash
  • Faulty wiring


No. We do not manufacture AC parts by ourselves. So, the warranty differs as per manufacturer. However, we can give you 7 days free service warranty.

Definitely not! As long as you want to avail this service for your AC then you can order for your office Air Conditioners too.

Certainly. You can buy necessary and required materials/parts by yourself. But any operational dysfunctionality won’t be held responsible by our Service Providers and itself.

Of course not! After service completion you will receive a text on your mobile from then you have to pay through Online or Cash on Delivery.

Our professional Service Providers have expert and skilled AC technicians. If they occur any damages to your AC during repairing you will get proper compensation after proper investigation. However, your complaint for any pre-damaged problems will not be considered.

If you don’t avail any services for your AC after our Service Provider send a technician at your doorstep then you only have to pay the visiting charge which is BDT 100.

About our AC Servicing

Service Dibo is the biggest versatile service provider in Bangladesh where we serve you with each conceivable assistance. AC servicing is one of our core services to fix a wide range of AC related issues. We provide our services with dignity and integrity.

Types of AC Repair Service We offer

  • Split AC Service
  • Window AC Service
  • Central AC Service
  • HVAC Service
  • LG AC Servicing
  • Hitachi AC Service
  • Samsung AC Service
  • Carrier AC Service

Available Services

  • AC Error Analysis
  • AC Basic Servicing
  • AC Gas Charge
  • AC Total Service
  • AC Water Drop Solution
  • AC Installation  
  • AC Shifting Service
  • AC Compressor Fitting
  • AC Dismantling
  • AC Jet Wash
  • Air duct cleaning services
  • HVAC Service

AC Checkup Service: 

In this service, our experts just do the analysis of your Air Conditioner to find out issues or problems.

AC Fundamental Servicing:

This Service offers essential finding, cleaning filter, test and recognize issues by a specialist AC professional.

AC Gas Refill:

AC Gas Refill service offers to check up your AC performance and post gas refill service. After refill AC gas, there might have been an issue like leakage. Most of the time this issue can be fixed within a while and sometimes it can take up to 2-3 days.

AC Pro Service: 

AC Pro Service provides detailed cleaning of your Air Conditioner (Including Indoor & Outdoor Units) and minor issue fixing (without materials and parts).

AC Water Drop Solution: 

This service offers to recognize the source of trickling water from your AC and obsession water seepage framework appropriately. Any extra materials/parts will be charged independently.

AC Installation:

This service Offers to install your Air Conditioner free of cost if you purchase AC from us.

AC Shifting Service:

This assistance is to move your AC unit from one spot or floor to the stacking truck. Just the assistance charge is applicable for this help. The service charge depends on your amount of AC’s, height, weight, etc.


AC Compressor Fitting With Gas Charge:

This service offers Installation of a new compressor or removal of the old compressor. Compressor price and warranty/guarantee vary according to the manufacturer.

AC Jet Wash:

AC Jet Wash offers total cleaning of Air Conditioner (Indoor and Outdoor Units) with Jet Wash Machine including minor issue fixing (without materials and parts). The service charge changes on your quantity of AC, height, weight, etc.

AC Dismantling:

This assistance offers to remove AC from the home or work environment and disengaging all the electrical wiring from the AC unit.

AC Capacitor Replacement: 

Want to change your AC Capacitor? This service offers to replace the AC capacitor with a new one. Capacitor price and warranty differ as per manufacturer.

AC Circuit Repairing:

In this service, we offer to fix the circuits of your AC. Circuit box cost and guarantee contrast according to the manufacturer.

Why Choose Service Dibo?


Ordering AC repair service from us is so easy. You can hire expert technicians  from us hassle-free to hold your AC here and there. Our experts will come to the doorstep for you.


You can hire knowledgeable AC repair service technicians within the same budget or less than any other local services near you. We will provide expert AC technicians to examine problems and fix them.

Well-trained Professionals: 

We have attentive and highly skilled AC fix specialists. Their experiences are completely checked in detail. Security Assurance: Our specialist co-ops offer a safe & secure AC fixing service for you. This implies they will deal with fixes with care.


You only need to pay the service fee including materials/parts cost if taken using cost will need to pay if no service is avail payment.

After service completion, you’ll receive a text message on your mobile from then you’ve got to pay Online or Cash on Delivery.

Liability won’t be responsible for any prior issues or potential dangers reported by the professional however not dealt with because of the client’s refusal to fix them.