AC Installation & Uninstallation

AC Installation & Uninstallation Service

AC Installation, Uninstallation or Shifting Services - Overview

What's Included ?
  • Only Service Charges
What's Excluded ?
  • Component/Material or Parts (if used) i.e. Angle – 1500 tk for AC outdoor unit
  • Transportation (if applicable).
  • Hanging Charge 400tk (If applicate)
  • Air Conditioner Drainage System.

Available Services:

  • AC Installation
  • AC Uninstallation
  • AC Installation & Installation Or Shifting


At Service Dibo you can get AC Installation, Uninstallation or Shifting service near you. Our professional Service Providers will give you the best AC service in Bangladesh. From general inspection, to changing AC parts you can avail every AC related service within a few moments.

About Service Dibo's AC Installation & Uninstallation Service

Service Dibo is the largest ac maintenance service provider in Bangladesh where we serve you with every possible service. AC Installation, Uninstallation & Sifting Service is one of our services. We deliver expert and AC Installation & Uninstallation Services with integrity from our professional service providers.

AC Installation Service: In this service, we provide our expert to install your Air Conditioner in your home or any other workstations.

AC Uninstallation Or Dismantling Service: This service offers to dismantle AC from home or workplace and disconnect all the electrical wiring from the AC unit.

AC Shifting Service: This service is to move your AC unit from one spot or floor to the stacking truck. Just the assistance charge is applicable for this help. The service charge depends on your amount of AC’s, height, weight, etc.